Netiquette for Mastering Media goes Digital project

1. For online safety, never give out personal information - such as your full name, address or phone number.

2. The project wiki and Ning network are ONLY for the use of students participating in the project. Never share your username or password with anyone. Never log in as another student.

3. Always use acceptable and polite language. Also make sure that any pictures or videos you upload are acceptable. Better check with your teacher first. Online work is NOT private. Never say or publish anything that you wouldn't mind seeing on the school bulleting board, or in the local newspaper. Remember that you are representing your school, city and country in this project.

4. Keep regular track of what's happening in your group. Always reply to all messages that you receive without delay. Waiting for ages at the other end is usually very disappointing! Remember to be an active member of your group and to contribute and make an effort to get your group work completed in time.

5.Give credit to anyone whose work (text, ideas, pictures) you use in your product. Never use other people's work and call it your own. In other words, don't cut, copy, or plagiarize Internet content! Make links where appropriate.

6. Carefully proofread (ie. spelling, grammar) your online work before you post, just like you would a regular written assignment. Also check that all the links you have created on your page work properly.

7. Show an interest in other cultures, for examples ask questions, find out, comment! Sometimes you may come across ideas that seem odd - even objectionable - to you. However, explore them politely; never ridicule or look down on other students' opinions. People always act according to their cultural background. These backgrounds are all different, yet all equally valuable. No culture can be superior to others!

8. If you ever receive unpleasant or offensive messages from anyone, inform your teacher straight away. Also tell your teacher about any other problems, eg. not receiving any replies to your messages, or somebody in your group not contributing at all.

Overall, though, you should enjoy the intercultural collaboration, and work towards building a more peaceful world through knowledge and understanding.