Welcome to this Asia-Europe collaboration project. Please start by reading these instructions carefully, as they will help you get an overview of what is expected of you, and how you can get started.



This wiki will be the product of the project. Each group of students will have their own page to upload their work on. On the leftside navigation bar, click 'Groups' to find out which group you are a member of. Then click 'Group topics' to find the task for your group.
- Make sure you will learn to edit your group's page, upload pictures and possibly videos, and make links to external webpages.
- Each wiki page has a 'discussion tab' on top of the page. This is your group's forum to discuss anything to do with planning, putting together, and realising your joint project work.
- In the end, your group's page is supposed to be a jointly compiled synthesis of your discussion, and individual work. Make it as cool as you can so it will attract all the other students to read and see what you have done. Whenever possible, also use video. audio (eg. interviews with friends) and pictures to enliven your page (your own pictures are best, of course, but if you use other pictures, make sure you know the basics of copyright and attribution (eg. only use pictures with the 'Creative Commons' license, your teacher will tell you more about this).
- Your page can also include PowerPoint presentations if you wish (consult your teacher on how to upload these).
- Collaborate together on the layout and contents of your final page. Negotiate on who should do what, when and how. Stick to deadlines.
NB. The wiki will always be publicly viewable on the net, so make sure you are aware of online safety (eg. never reveal your full name, address, telephone number or any other personal information here).


This is the social network for our project. Use it to get to know each other and socialise with the other participants of the project. You can freely customise your profile, upload photos or videos that you want to share (also topics outside the project theme), start groups, discuss etc. However, always check with your teacher if what you want to upload will be appropriate in a school project! You can also publish more extensive blog posts on the Ning network, or your teacher may give you extra writing assignments to upload there. Commenting on other people's writing, pictures etc. is also an important part of a social network.
NB. Our Ning will be protected, ie. onlyh viewable to the participants of this project.
- We hope that many of you will take an active role in this network and find it interesting and fun. This is also an important experiment in making use of social networks for educational purposes, so it will give us teachers valuable information on how to develop such net collaboration further.


- start by introducing yourself briefly to your working group on the wiki (using the discussion tab of your group's wiki page)
- make a more extensive introduction on the Ning (what you want to reveal and upload is totally up to you, unless your teacher gives you specific guidelines)
- be active, and remember that there are actual living people working with you - your group task requires the contribution and participation of each of you
- be responsible for doing your share
- it might be a good idea to choose 'a leader' for your group -somebody who will take the role of reminding and pushing others, if needed

Make sure that you carefully read through, understand and follow the following Netiquette rules: