1. After you have sent your student list with their email addresses, each student will get two email invitations to join:

a) this project Wiki
b) the project Ning network

- make sure all of your students know how to do this

2. Ask your students to go through all the features of this Wiki and read carefully all the Instructions for students
- make sure they know how to 'edit' and 'save' content on a Wiki page, and how to upload pictures

3. Ask your students to find their Groups and Group topics on this Wiki.
- guide them to start introducing themselves to their group members using the discussion tab on top of their group page

4. Make sure you go through the Netiquette carefully with the students (students will find it in their Instructions page)

5. Talk about copyright and Creative Commons with your students
- you will find some of my tips on the Lesson plans page

6. Ask your students to create their profile on the Ning network
- for more advice look in the Students Instructions page
- also encourage them to go through what has already been uploaded on the Ning (photos, blog posts etc.)