GROUP 3D - Online safety

About using internet and its safety

Last of all, i would like to express my opinion that online safety should be considered as a dual responsibility resting with the individual and collectively as a society. At each level in a wired society, the specific responsibilities should be carried out. Individually, we should not be a frog in a well when it comes to the latest threats flooding the internet, oblivious and ignorant of taking teh nexessary precautions against viruses and reporting suspicious emails circulating the net.
At the government level in a society, the sector which is entrusted with authority, they should seek to promote and equip people with the necessary skills and knowledge to combat network viruses, impose strict laws against hackers and online thef and cheating cases and educate the public on avoiding suspicious mails and the negative influence of explicit materials. With their authority over networks, they can ban certain websites with negative influences like those with pornographic materials and those with a higher level of threat to social stability like Islamic extremism and various other dangerous propaganda, defined dangerous as deemed to be able to promote insatbility and division among the society.

yanrui_MISingapore...God bless

Further thoughts about online safety...areas of online safety that seems to be growing in emphasis...
Well, the importance of online safety for the corporate world and the global economy could not be further emphasized more heavily than in today context of globalised world, closely interconnected. Cyber warfare is the ermerging front of confrontation and would be on the agenda of national interest concerning most developed countries. Well at least on the profit-oriented side, it would be an expanding market for the IT related industries. Hmm..and they would perhaps be expanding into the academic research of such areas too, perhaps introducing a new range of scientific fields relating to such online security technologies and policy making. haha who knows...

The online child and teen safety should also be emphasized as this group of people can be considered the most vulnerable of all ages to be inculcated with the wrong or right values. No doubt that parents therefore should keep a closer observation on the child's activities online but however, with the popularity of the internet growing rapidly as it always does, firms woulod take advantage of the increasing demand for online safety devices and introduce newer and more efficient online safety protection.

Now the big question be this: Do such online safety programs and devices play a more efficient role to ensure safety by restricting entry to certain websites and if it does surrogate the role of parents in educating about online safety? In my opinion they should play a complementary role.
what about parents that are busy all the time, being deprived of meaningfull inrteractions with the child, should firms step in to educate the young on the dangers of internet? Here are some links below which can reveal what companies has to offer pertaining child and teen online protection.
(With so many firms taking advantage of the current high demand for online safety sofware, not many of them would appear to be true and some might be spywares and thus in this sense, the internet is not safe as more bogus online safty software might pop up. threatened ironically by the very programs and softwares that profess to protect one from online hazards like virus and hackers)


GROUP 3D - Online safety

About using internet and its safety

How I should use the internet? Don’t give out your personal information such as address, telephone number, name of your school, names of your parents, sisters, brothers or your friends, how you look (so don’t send a picture)… Yes, we all know that but it’s so fun to share things with nice person who talks smoothly to you in internet. There’re so many dangerous matters in internet and I think that internet is more dangerous for children than for the people over the age of 12. Children look things with blue eyes and sooner or later they get raped. I think that children should play games with computer, they don’t need internet!

So… Now I’m going to tell about what I do with internet. I do school works, read e-mail, online shopping or I chat with my fiends in messenger or MySpace. My e-mail is always full of trash mail, when I do school works with internet I always have to check how reliable information is, when I chat I can always get my computer infected by some virus and we all know that you can lose your money with online shopping or have credit card problems. But still I do these things with internet even I can get myself in trouble, is internet some kind of addiction?

I have to admit that using internet hasn’t ever been safer. We have firewalls, anti-virus programs etc. We just have to use our common sense with internet. Don’t trust everyone who’s friendly, don’t open every single e-mails if they’re suspicious and don’t give your bank account number so easily and you will survive, I think so.

-Kaarina senior high school

People increasingly communicate over multiple channels, such as SMS, email and IM. Choosing the channel for interaction is typically a considered action and shapes the message itself and the risks involved. Pertaining the issue of online safety and its relevance to how young people today to use computers to form relationships, the following areas could perhaps be explored:

1) The dangers involved and the possible measures that can be implemented against it and how such dangers and measures restrict and shape the way young people form relationships using computers, with consideration for the typical mindset of an adolescent.

2)Whether and how the online safety protocols and limitations determine the type of relationships formed. Or do the young restrain from following recommendation for safety uses?

Relevant links found which will discuss about online safety and various case studies:

Well, thats all for thw time being and God bless you!
My thoughts about Online safety

When it comes to my daily use of the internet I hardly ever doubt that there should be something wrong. Whether I'm chatting on some forum or I'm downloading a piece of music (which I know is forbidden in some circumstances, but in my case I pay for the songs I download), I've never come across those negative sides of using the internet. Of course I've heard the stories about some people's bank account numbers being stolen while they've been trying to pay their bills on the webbank or reports of a recently discovered virus spreading through the net with a message that's sent to our e-mail. Sometimes I think that's all I ever hear: Don't believe everything that's said on the webpages and never give your personal information to other people you don't know, even if you think they're reliable etc.

However, in my personal opinion those warnings are true, but in some cases I think it is safe to give for example your phone number to someone you've never met. I have done that many times, and gained many new friends because of that. I also believe that nowdays kids grow up to have a doubting attitude towards anything even slightly suspicious and in that way they are at least a little bit safe from the dangerous matters which the internet brings along.

This writing task inspired me do some research and according to most of the people who work with internet every day believe that the internet was safer in 2007 that it was in 2006 when it really was vice versa. I found this information quite interesting and it made me think. what would I do if one day I turned on the computer and found out that all my files have been destroyed by some virus I didn't even know that existed. I mean, have you ever though about it?

- Kaarina senior high school

My opinion is that if you can use your head enough when you are for examble chatting you can avoid negative sides of internet. But if you look things with blue eyes and give your personal information to someone you don`t know you would probably get in trouble. Couple of years ago kids were quite clueless about dangerous of the internet. But nowadays I believe that kids know more about internet and they know that it`s important to keep eyes open. Also it`s not safety to give personal imformation to no one.
I agree with Mia that using internet is safer nowadays than before. It`s very good to have anti-virus programs and like that. So I think that people can avoid troubles when they use their head and don`t believe everythin that someone is trying to say.