3C. computer and relationships (raphael,sg)
almost everyone ranging from the young to adults own at least one social network account. most of them use it to stay in touch with friends while few use them to get to know more people. however, the information stated on their profile may not be true for some. some may even have another account so that they can be themselves or someone they want to be. they do so because they do not want to be humiliated or some other reasons.

Online Relationships via forum - 3C. Computer & Relationship ( azizah / singapore )
Forum is basically a public meeting or assembly for open discussions.
They are also commonly referred to as Web forums, message boards, discussion boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards.

This is where a group of individuals will share their views on distinct topics. It ranges from politics, society, food, sports, education, environment and the list goes on. This virtual community are usually regular users and update on new issues.

Building relationships with visitors is easy in forums, if you post regularly and actively discuss different topics with forum members, you'll gradually know them better. Regular users will tend to 'befriend' those who have similar interests as them (ie: discussion topic stand or gist of points are the same). As time goes by, these avid users can proceed on to become (platonic) friends or even develop BGR (boy-girl relationship). It varies from individual to individual.

Forums also allow a platform for youngsters to air their views/comments or even pose questions on certain issues. These ideas harness critical thinking on relevant issues (ie: science and technology, medicine).

On the contrary, forums can also be exploited, where certain youngsters will start a new thread on undesirable issues pertaining to sex, alcoholism, defaming a particular person etc.

Common forums:
local (s'pore) context include:
- http://stomp.com.sg/
- http://sgforums.com.sg/
- http://forum.singaporeforumonline.com/forum/index.php


Online Relationships by blogging
Blogging has fast become the latest trend in today's society. Almost everyone, be it young or old, are beginning to blog. A blog is basically a website where the blogger's entries are commonly displayed. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject. Others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines texts, images and links to other blogs and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of amny blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on artlog, photographs, sketchblog, videos and music that are part of a wider network of social media. With this, others are able to view blogs, share links, videos and music and in this way forge an online relationship with one another.


Not really made for building relationships

I have a strong uppinion about web sites like MySpace and Facebook.
People join in the sites just for geting some kind of attention.
Most of the people who are there just put up pictures and want as many coments as bossible.
The same kind of behaviour can be seen from the Facebook page where people try to collect as much friends as they can. So to my uppinion, atleast in these uses the pages are just a big joke.

Then you have the other side as well.
Allwayes when you are using internet you have to be "scared" what are you up against.
More than a good example is this warning video from one Finish site called Irc-galleria. A man in the begining is telling that he is "playing" a 15 year old sowboader slash footballer who loves Metallica. He is planing a date whit this girl and they agreed that the girl takes her bike. The rest you can understand your self eaven with out our languange.


I know... I know...I am a bit strong in my uppinions. Not everybody does that.
There are many people who are joined in just for keeping touch in old friends or many people who have found their bether halfs trough internet. So, to sum up. I personally would use these kind of web sites only to deepen a relaionship. Whit a person which I have met before face to face.

To be honest. I haven´t told you everything. Now I am a bit embarrased allso, but I am a member of Facebook. But I am talking there mainly whit my foreign friensd... Just to let you know :)

Mirva From Kaarinas High School

Computers and relationship

I am not very social person in networking but I still have a messenger and I use irc-galleria almost day by day. I never really get excited about Facebook or MySpace but I have many friends who using these pages very often.

Messenger is conversation canal in internet where you can chatter and bring up your circle of friends. There you can add or clear out some people and many people in the world using that conversation canal where you can connection to your friends.
I get some new friends in the messenger but most of them friends who you talking about it is your intimate friends and you chatter them although about day’s affair.

Irc-galleria is some world-wide pages which people can add their own or family etc. pictures and then you can chatter any person that you want to which are pictures too in there.

So if you want get to know renew persons that for sure succeed in internet. You have to be just active and meet or register new pages some people using and disposed knowing new people. To internet you can find new relationship, interest or if you are very free for all you can find although a new love or just that right.
Computers shape our identities - it can be our real ID or virtual ID - the multiple and faceted personalities that we would like to embark online. It can be a sense of adventure when you try to be someone you aren't with a online ID. Certainly in the long run, this is not going to work out as you might go crazy. Perhaps that is how some netizens are suffering from personality disorders when they become addicted to the Internet, cyber chatting and even blogging!

These side-effects can be deadly when it ventures beyond the human tolerance. Some gamers and hardcore Internet surfers have to seek medical attention as they lost the sense of reality and time with full indulgence into the world of the surreal.

Be it computers or the Internet, its presence can trap us down when we are glued to the screens for our online research or to update our blog entry or to surf for the next score in soccer.net. Well, these online activities will change our lifestyle and how we interact with people overtime. It was estimated that younger Singaporeans between the age of 13-19 spend less time with their family members compared to statistics 10 years ago when computers and the Internet are still in its infancy stage.

What would be the implications if the government and schools are not doing anything on this? Care to share?

Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore.

I use also messenger and IRC-galleria just like Janina. Even if I use internet a lot I`m not so iterested about Facebook or MySpace. I think with messenger you can easily talk with friends without huge phonebills. My friend was away from Finland for a year and without messenger we wouldn`t have kept contact each other that much.
I like IRC-galleria because when I have nothing to do it is nice to watch friends and other peoples` pictures. It is also nice that you can leave a comment to someone even if he/she is not online.