GROUP 3B - Mobile phones and relationships

I remember in the past , only business man own a mobile phone yet nowadays , even kids as old as 9yrs old has one .
Mobile phone used to only one function - to answer a phonecall or to call . Yet due to the advancement of technology , more and more functions were available , it no longer serve the only purpose as a phone instead , it can be use as a camera , mp3 , clock so on and forth..
In the recent decades of years , SMS which represents short messaging service is invented , instead of making a phone call , we could send a message to the recipient to inform them of whatever we want to and the best part out of it , even if the recipient is busy at that moment , he/she could still receieve that piece of information which is stored in the phone itself . Thus , no matter how busy one is , he/she could just send a message to keep in touch with family and friends , or even to report her well being . In recent years , it is also becoming increasingly popular of teenage guys to ask a random girl for her number if he's interested in knowing her better . Through messaging , strangers can become friends and acquaintance become yet closer . Messaging can also provide a platform for people who are too shy or too aloof to voice out their affections for friends and family as it would be less awkward this way : )

Even thought so , it would be slightly dangerous as anyone can easily gain access to one's number . There has been reports of hoax through mobile phone in Singapore . An old woman recieve a phonecall from someone who claims to be her grandson and is now in the hands of some kidnappers who demand a ransom for the release of the " grandson" . Out of anxious , the old woman immediately fork out what she can but before she had the chance to even post the money , she found her grandson returning home with her daughter in law .Therefore , it's better to be careful and take note of the danger that lies behinds the use of mobile phone .

hopefull this would be useful :]

jolinn , MI singapore .

Someone asks from you "What would you take with you to a desert island?" you might start think that if the situation would really be like that, that you can only pick one thing with you. So what would you? I think that everybody would take some close person if that would be possible, but now I'm talking about some matter staf. I thought about that situation for a while and I came up with a solution, that I would take a mobile phone with me. With mobile phone I could call to someone when I get bored, call for a help and eaven meaby play some snake 2. Biggest thing would still be the fact that I could be in touch with my friends and family.

So mobile phone is a really important thing while maintaining relationships. But of course it has to be remembered that when you call to someone or send a textmessage, there can allways come some misunderstandings when you don't see the other partys real reactions. But like some friends that lives meaby across the country, can keep others in touch with the mobile phone. And for me, mobile phone is very good tool to keep in touch with some friends that for example are not in the same school with me. But of course with other friends also! I use mobile phone pretty much, sometimes meaby eaven too much. Some unnecessary phone calls with friends that I meaby have seen like five minutes ago, but I just have to chat with them. My mom doesn't allways get very happy of those kinds of phone calls, because she pays my bills. And those are sometimes a little bit too big.

I really haven't bumb into as an negative activities with mobile phones. But that's just me. Someone can get some calls that are made as a joke and not all does enjoy of them. But those kinds of situations can be solved and I think that the positive facts wins the negatives.
We're living 21th century and mobile phones are a part of it. Of course we can avoid those, but I can't see any reasons why should we?

So I would take my mobile phone to a desert island, how about you?

Kati, Finland

Mobile phone and relationships

Almost erveryone have a mobile phone these days. Even small kids have they own phone. That have a simple solution. Mobile phone is a very easy way to be in contact with friends and family.

I think that mobile phones are very important when you keep your relationships up. You can easily be in contact with your friends altought they live far a way.

I mainly use mobile phone to be in contact with my friends. I usually call or write a textmessage to my friends. I also have some specialites in my phone for example games and internet but I don´t really use them. When I think about it I don´t really use my phone very much. Sometimes I might speek long phone calls but that doesn´t happen very often. My mobile phone bils are around 20-30 euros and my mum usually pay that. Sometimes however my bill is little bit larger, then I have to pay some of it.

I don´t really think that bullying is common with mobile phones but I know few cases. But this kind of things solves pretty fast because operatos are personal and you can find out easily whose the number is.

Kirsi, Finland

SMS-es and MMS-es... these text-based messages either break or build your lives. We live in the world where information defines who we are. Most of the times, Singaporeans are hot and over the heels for short messages in our mobile phones as we are fast to arrange for the next lunch appointment or the next movie outing. In 2004, Singaporeans have sent out more than 3 billion text messages and this is increasingly so during festive seasons.

This is how some Singaporeans build up their relationships via sms-es. We dedicate some of our feeling through words and I am sure they are an expressive lot! Mobile phones can change lives as there are also many charity shows in Singapore that allow members of the public to contribute their donations via sms or call. Henceforth, social and public relationships are shaped by mobile phones, but just personal relationships.

Did mobile phones break or build up your relationships?

Care to share? Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore.

markus, finland.

I have a personal experience of mobile phone breaking relationships. One day my friend send me a textmessage where he dissed my other good friend behind his back. I didn't care about the message and forgot to delete message in my phone. Next weekend we were in a party where were my both friends. My friend borrowed my phone and he read my textmessages and I didn't remember that there was that message what my friend has send. My friend red that message and got very mad and then he break me and my other friend relationships for good. That is very sad that small things like mobile phone could break a good relationship.

I agree with girls that mobile phone is very usefull and important for almost everyone nowadays. Even elderly people use mobile phones because it is so simple way to keep contact. Mobile phone is very important for examble if you are in trouble and you need help. But one thing is annoying. People are nowadays often late for meetings and I think that it is caused by mobile phones. Namely it is pretty easy to inform that are going to be late and because of that people think that it doesn`t matter if going to be late couple of minutes.However I think mobile phone is a great innovation and without my mobile phone I would be totally lost.