GROUP 3A - Technology and socialising

If you want to get to know someone in the past, you will have to approach him/her. It takes lots of confidence to approach someone especially if you are interested in that person. Pacing at the bus stop which he/she waits for the bus to go home. Anxiety, fear of rejection and one minute which seems like hours, this is fun in my opinion. Presently, you will be able to find someone at a click of the button. Where’s the fun in that? Do not be mistaken. I am not anti-technology. I rely on technology as much as anyone else.

There are many social networks available. ‘Keeping’ friends are easy, one example is friendster. You just add your friends on your account and they are ‘kept’ there. Once in a while, you can leave a comment on their page to ask how have they been and everything.

Mobile phones are another way to socialize. You just have to keep their numbers in your phone book and type in their name if you want to give them a ring or short message service (SMS). In Singapore, everyone especially teenagers use of a lot of SMS. Sometimes I wonder how do you express yourself through a certain number of words available on your mobile phone, will the person receiving the message have a misunderstanding? There are even phone models which have the wi-fi function which allows you to surf the internet when there is a wireless connection.

These creates a social stigma among people. This is because they are so used to communicating through a screen that when they meet in person, they will have a problem socializing. Technology is good but when it comes to socializing, I think the traditional way is the best.

Raphael, SG.

How do I use technology to socialising

I use computer very much every day. I have 3 computers at home. One is a server, one is a gaming computer and one is a laptop. I think that computers are very important for teenagers. On the internet one can socialize quite easily. Many teenagers use computers everyday more and more. For example I use irc, play multiplayer online games and use messenger everyday many hours. I have got friend from almost every part of Finland and a few from other countries.

Only in 10 years technology has evolved so much that one can speak to everywhere one wants for free and as fast as the modemlines can handle. Speeds are getting higher every year. With speeds that we have nowadays we can chat, speak through microphone and even use webcams to communication.

Computers are not the only way to communicate. Another way is to use mobile phones. For example text messages are in great use among the youngs. This is very popular among girls but boys use it also. Cons are that it's expensive and that it can only be used for short messages. Pros are that you can do it from almost anywhere.

I dont think that it's a bad thing that people use technology to communicate. It has only made our possibilities wider. We can meet more and more different people and learn their culture, habbits ja language. Technology and socialising go well together.


Technology and socialising go hand in hand

Almost everyone has a computer with internet connection nowadays. That offers a lot of new ways to communicate with other people, no matter how far they live. Instant Messaging (IM) is very common way to chat with other people. It's also very easy to do - just log on with your favorite program and check who is online. Some programs offer offline messaging, which is almost the same as sending email.

Mobile phones are very common too. It's uses are pretty obvious; you can call to other people and send text messages. Sending text messages is very common among teens, but adults send them too. Unlike IM, which doesn't cost anything expect what you pay for your internet connection, using mobile phones costs a little.

I am personally happy about the new possibilities of communication. I use IM program almost every day to keep in touch with my friends, sometimes with voice chat. It is easy to find new friends from everywhere around the world via internet, though I feel it has replaced face-to-face communication a bit. Overall internet good thing and it has made everyday communication easier, especially with people who don't live in your country.


Technology to socialising is important nowadays

Computer is important tool nowadays especially for teenagers. Also I use computer every day. On the internet people can do almost everything. Like other teens I like to use messenger and IRC-galleria. They are easy to use and its easy to talk with frends and also with anonymous. . Like teens adults doesn`t use for example messenger as much as teenagers. Adults use internet mostly for paying bills and like that.

I think that phones are even more popular than computers. Nowaday almost everyone have phone. also yang kids and some oldster use phones. Sending text messages is more teenager`s thing than adults. Typically adults like to call rather than send text messages.

I don`t think that technology is bad at all cause it`s a great way for keeping in touch with family and friends. As well I don`t think that technology is replacing face2face relationships. Even if I use much technology I also see my friends a lot.


Hi this is Rebecca and Roxana. ie
We have Phones and computers with internet.
We use these types of technology to socialise with our friends and family because they help us to communicate with them if they are far away or ill. Roxana is from Poland and she uses a Polish instant messaging programme and skype to keep in touch with her friends and family at home.

We live in an inter-connected world today and more often than not, technology controls our social spaces and 'moments of socialisation' with people aorund us. It is a powerful means to know and stay in contact with people or communities so much so that social platforms such as Friendster, Facebook and Hi5 become the norms to communicate with existing & new friends.

However, socialisation in the cyberworld has its dangers. Whilst it is an adventure to widen your social networks, it is equally daunting if these strangers can pose dangers to you.

Then, why wouldn't the online regulations be as stringent as the laws of the land? I guess the world wide web is a place with many forms of socialisation. Knowing friends and people online is just one of the many aspects. Emails for work, forum debates amongst students, online submission of assignments are some other meaningful forms of socialisation which has bettered our lives.

Can you think of other possible ideas on socialisation online?

Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore