:GROUP 2D - Technology and studying outside school

I agree that studying outside of school has been making learning very convenient but its only possible because of technology. Lessons do not necessarily have to be conducted in class anymore, in fact the culture of learning online has been encouraged. School assignments and project tasks are handed out to students to complete online through forums, an example of this shows how learning outside of school has been made possible. Even this collaborated project we are working on, the Mastering Media Goes Digital project 2008, has to be done online. Different people from different countries share their views on their respective subject topics and this information is shared online allowing participants of this project to learn from each others' pointers. Interesting and fascinating it is, technology has made learning between people from different countries possible eliminating the physical distance between us all. Now, who says studying outside of school isnt fun and enriching?

zhi yong-sg

Today technology is developed so high-class and we useing it everyday. Almost wholetime and everywere.It relieve so much example studying outside school.We can use computer when we do homework exercise and then teacher can be check them. This is good innovation especially when study outside school. Now You can study wherever you want.Only computer and internet connection.This set students educated work with information of internet. Example wikipedia is world largest encyclopedia in internet and there is wrong and right information.Of course you have to know what's wrong and right information.This is internet and studying with internet risk.Of course always when studying outside school not use internet or computer.But today everyone use computer and interner daily.E-mail is and irc is popular ritual studying outside school. I need computer and other technology with studying almost everyday.I write stories and use internet search information et cetera.Today is almost impossible studying outside school without technology.I think soon teacher send homework in E-mail. Good example is progam like Wilma or moodle today message between teacher and student.That is very easy and handy use.Its like "school local E-mail system".I think today without technology would be studying much harder than with high-class technology.
Roni, Finland

There are good websites for studying at home and in school such as www.skoool.ie and www.scoilnet.ie.
These are useful especially for students with exams coming up and its more interesting than studying a book or learning essays.
Katie & Rebecca, ie

It is true that you need technology when you studying outside school because you sometimes have to use computers and stuff to work with your homework. Teachers giving nowadays to do all kind of things with computer and you have to know how to use a computer. I agree with Roni that it is relieve studying outside school because it is easy and teacher can check them much easier than if everybody do all the works in paper. I use lots of technology outside school, because I do also another kind of things but I also do school things very much with computer and calculator. Technology is a great way to do school stuff and it is useful, thank god we have technology.
Markus, Finland

I agree that it is easier to do school stuff with technology. For examble when I`m doing my english homework or writing essay it is easy to use online dictonary. It it also great that we can write essay with the computer. It goes quickier and easier. I agree with Roni that Wilma is good program. It is very easy way to send messages to teachers and chek class chedule of my own and like that. So I think that technology helps students a lot with school stuff.