GROUP 2C - Computers at school

We have many computers here in Kaarina High School. We have special computerrooms and also many computers in the corridors. There is no computers at the classrooms.

I think nowadays every school should have couple of computers at school. Computers are so important at school because many works that we do are almost imbossible to do without an Internet connection. That's why computers are needed at every school. The Internet is a source of information. Students use Internet because its so easy to get needed information from there.

Also when students have no lessons they can spend time in front of computer. They can check their options for schoolplans or something like that. School is good place to practice working with computers. Nowadays however computers will be needed everywhere and ability to use computer is good to have.

Erik ~ KaLu

At our school we have computers available if needed. There are two classrooms that are dedicated to IT and there are about ten computers in the corridors that are free to use for the students.
However, they don't play a big role in an ordinary lesson. We do sometimes write essays on laptops (one classroom is equipped with some 30 units) or search the Internet for information on, for example, our possible future education.

Personally I think that our school could use new technology more efficiently. Some of our teachers have already changed from overhead projectors to Powerpoint presentations and our math class has a state-of-the-art “chalkboard” that acts like a touch screen monitor, so that the teacher can write and apply comments to the problem that is shown from the computer in real time. However, this top-notch piece of technology is used only by the teacher. Students still have to rely on notebooks and pencils during the lessons.

Some people have suggested that schools should provide every student with a laptop to make notes with. Putting the budget problems aside, the use of laptops would probably exterminate the already dubious attention students pay to their teachers. I haven't seen any research on this though... perhaps it's time to try it out?

Antti ~ Kalu

In Kaarina's Senior High School tabletop computers are a very common sight. We have lots of computers in our corridors where students can search information for school projects, chat in IRC channels and play all sorts of online flash games etc... in recesses. Using computers in class is quite a different story.
We have two IT classes for IT lessons and in those lessons computers are of course the main tool. Other than that the usage of computers in other lessons excluding IT is very minimal. Sometimes we might search information for some projects even during lessons. We have though written some essays on computers but then students were more interested in "Bloon Tower Defense 2" flash game than writing the essay so I don't know if it's really better to study with or without computers.

So in my opinion computers could be used in a more versatile way, but students should still pay attention to teachers and not be so enthralled by the computers.

Aku ~ KaLu

Here in Millennia Institute, students can easily get access to computers if needed. In total we have 4 computer rooms, two IT resources room, and a wireless campus.
Most computers can only be access if we are given permission to enter the computer lab, however there are two labs in the library where students can enter and use computer as and when they want it.

Computers can only by access with a password and user name given to each students by the school, and items that are able to be viewed are also filter by the school's system, allowing little to no serving of "undesirable content".

Sometimes inter-school gaming competition are also organised by students to allow students to compete with each other in other avenue besides sports and studies. This however only happens once a year and acts as a bonding session between students from different class allowing them to compete in a healthy environment.

Students usually only use computers if they are assigned a task online to work on (for example this WIKI project)and we have to rely on our school's website ( for work and some daily annoucement.
Computers however do not replace the lifes of the students in campus at all. Though with the amount of technology and easy accessibility to the net, Students are still very primanly based on 1st person interaction.


Computers in School! Group 2C Ailish and Carmel. St.Michaels. Ireland!

We think that having computers in school is very helpful to schoolwork. When we are told to do subjects it is good that we can go onto the computer and (1) Go on the Internet, (2) Type up Written Work and (3) Use PowerPoint to show work we have done!

(1) Go on the internet: When asked to do a project we can go on the internet using our computers to look up information on the subject we have been given! We can also look up images to get a better understanding of what we are talking about.
(2) Type up written work: If we are asked to do an essay or story in school we can type it up using the computers. This makes it easier and quicker to do, so we have more time to spend on other subjects or homework.
(3) Use PowerPoint to show work we have done: in our school we do mini-companies, these are small businesses which girls in our class think of, we produce and sell goods to students and staff in our school. As part of doing these mini-companies we go to competitions where we present our work on PowerPoint. This makes us look very smart and professional. The judges love it! J

JJJJJ Lots of Love Carmel & Ailish JJJJJ


Some questions I have in mind: 1. Why are computers and laptops necessary in schools and for learning? 2.Can we do without computers and IT? Why and why not? 3.Computers are good channels of communication and capture student interest. But is that all? 4.How would the computers of the future look like for high school learning? Can it possibly be more hi-tech and user friendly than what it is now? Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore.

Like Eriks said we have many computers in Kaarina Highschool. I think it`s great that we have computers also in corridors and in fact students use those very much. When I have no lesson it`s nice to spend time with computer. Unforunately some of those computers in corridor are very slow and it takes many minutes to get the computer on. So if we have just 15 minutes break it is not so good idea to start opening the computer.

I agree with Aku that it is better to study without computers because probably almost everyone would forget to study and start to do everything else with the computer. And then students would have to do much more work at home. I think

everything goes well like this. It`s somethimes nice to work with the computer at school but not every day.