GROUP 2B - Mobile phones at school

On these days, everyone got a own mobile phone. People seem to carrying these always with them, wherever they go, like school. We are allowed to use mobile phones in our school like we want, if they just won't cause any disturbance at lessons. Even though, mobiles are disturbing the lessons now and then, when the boredom strikes on people and they start to get frustrated and play with their phones, since they got so many ways to use nowadays and you can almost do everything with advanced and expensive ones. In my opinion mobile phones has pretty much turned into a toys or something, because everything is soon possible with them except coffee making. All those little games and music players on them are needless I think, tho many people finds them entertaining of course.
Strange, that at least nobody has found out yet any educational ways to use mobile phones in our school.

- Petrik

Group 2B - Mobile phones at school (chester, singaporeMI)

hey. i agree on the note that pratically everyone owns at least a moblie phone these days. i, myself owns 2sets of mobile phone. and i can't live without it for let alone a day. it played quite a big part in my daily life.
but moblie phones has it good and bad uses of course. let me talk about the bad points first. primarily, they are a distraction to the student during lessons. and youths in Singapore(from where i came from) are using sms(short-message service) through their mobile phones to communicate. as most mobile phones are slimmer and smaller these days, they could be put into the pocket and slip it out conveniently during class. therefore, students are able to risk gettting caught by their teachers. (we are acutally not allowed to use moblie phones in class).

however, moblie phones may be used as a learning tool for us to store information. for example, storing your research in your moblie phone and bringing it to lesson next day to transfer to the computer. mobile phones can also be used as a recorder to record what the lecture is about. it can be also used to communicate teachers if we want to meet up with teachers for extra lessons.

in all, i feel that mobile phones are created to our advantage and it's depend on how the person uses the moblie phone/s.

Mobile phones in school are allowed in Singapore schools as long as it does not intervene the proceedings in classroom activities.

The teachers do recognise the wonders of mobile phones as it allow faster access to students' whereabouts as well as convenience especially when you want students to submit their work. Teachers can whip out their phones to message or call directly to get the students.

Of course, the downside of things would be disturbance during lectures and lessons where students just randomly check their phones for missed calls and messages during class time. It can be quite distracting from the teacher's point of view.

What do you think?

Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore.

We are also allowed to use mibile phones here in Kaarina Highschool. In fact we are allowed to use mobile phones during breaks but not during lessons. Even so students use quite a lot their phones during the lessons and teachers don`t like that att all. I easily understand teachers` opinions because it must be very annoying when you are teaching and phones are ringing att the same time. It would be great if students could stop sending messages and playing their mobile phones during lesson. If that happend teachers could teach without getting mad so often.