GROUP 2A - Technology at your school

Technology in school is widely accessible. We have computers around the school, including in the library and various computer labs. It allows us to search for information needed for our projects and for our own personal research. This in a way is useful as it allows a group of us to research on the same particluar topic.

chester(MI singapore)

We have 2 computer class rooms in Kaarinan Lukio, Finland. One is bigger and courses where computers are needed all the time are held there. Smaller computer room is often used in some random stuff in some courses, like when you need internet to search some answers in history or you need to print something. We also have one class room with portable computers.
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The computers are good enough for school work, though sometimes they can be very slow when entering windows. In our listening comprehension room the microphones are very old and usually some of them have problems. I think they will be replaced soon.

We have overhead projectors in every class room. They are mainly used in language subjects and maths.

Technology at your school...

Yep so as Alexi already pinted out, we have two computer classes in our school. Usually all the computer at our school are fairly old ones, and slow of course. It doesn't matter that much though, since the more time your computer takes to turn on, the less time you got to do the essential; study. :) In the class where you are often supposed to study your mother tongue, we have a few laptops.
The most useful machine that we have nearly in every class is the projector. It easiers teachers life abit when you can prepare your lesson with computer and later on present it throught the projector. It's also easier for students to read the text reflected by the projector, than read the messy text produced by some teachers...
Of course we have some old stuff like videos and tv, but that's pretty much the old stuff. Computers and technology easiers our life alot, as long as you remember that your main purpose is to study.

That's about it! Had to write a little bit about the same things that Aleksi did, hope you don't mind it :)

Under Singapore's IT Masterplan - all schools will be fully equipped with IT resources by 2010. Currently, Millennia Institute is a wireless campus with at least 5 computer labs for student usage. Teachers are given laptops to be used in classrooms. Instead of using a OHP, we are currently using visualisers to showcase hard copy information such as notes and facts on screen.

Technology in school will go a long way as we engage in teaching blogs, wikispaces, learning portals and e-forums. All these technologies have enhanced learning and teaching for the students in MI. I am sure students will like such tech savvy teaching in their classes and yet we cannot forget there are certain implications (good and bad) while using technology.

Can some of you share the possible effects of hi-tech implementations?
Mr. Kelvin Yew/MI Singapore

Like Aleksi said in Kaarina Highschool we have two computer classes. Computer studies are held in the biggest computer class. In the other class there are held just normal lessons. We have laptops there and we use them somethimes for getting information. Actually we have third class where is also computers. It is very smal class and there is about ten computers. Quite often some of them are broken and very slow.
In Kaarina Highschool we have a tv almost in every classes. We watch tv somethimes, it depends on subject and teacher.