GROUP 1C - Computers and your free-time

I have two computers. One Laptop and one desktop computer. The laptop is black and modern, its quite new too. The bigger one at the table looks like something from Soviet Union. I prefer my laptop more but I play games with the desktop computer, the game is World Of Warcraft. I dont watch any movies or TV programs with computer, because thats why TV is invented for.

I do not download any music, games, movies or programs from internet anymore, I dont know why, I just decided to stop it.
I dont shop online either. I prefer more the real cash for product style that has been used for ages. I dont know why I dont online shop. Maybe im afraid to get scammed somehow. Maybe the product is broken or maybe there is no product at all...

My weekly free-time at computer is very limited since my hobbies, but when I really have spare time, then I might play games for several hours in a row. If I dont play any games, im probably in my favorite sites, like Wikipedia. Other service I use is IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

I didnt find any statistics or articles that would fit in this section but all I know is that there is lots of net addicts and the numbers are increasing.

- Kalle

Computers and my free-time

I don’t have my own computer but we have two computers at home. We don’t need to fight who get use the computer and when.
Usually every day I check my e-mail and is anybody nice person in messenger but that’s it. I don’t spend lots of time at computer. If somebody of my friends is in messenger I talk with him/her and maybe do something else in same time at computer. Sometimes I watch movies with computer. I download music and watch some video clips in You Tube. I don’t play any game with computer. I don’t have time or interest doing that.
Internet is good place to find information about difference thinks. For example 4 years ago I wanted start dance hobby and I found good dance school in a internet.

Henna, Fi

Hello, my name is Orlagh and my classmate, Shauna, and I are participating in a school project entitled “Computers in your free time”

I have a laptop at home and I spend most of my time on it.
I edit my pictures and organise my music on it as well as doing a lot of my school projects on it.
I like computers and enjoy working on them.
I also love to surf the web and e-mail my friend’s etc.
Computers have become very useful in everyday life. People now use their computer for many different things including work and shopping online. Computers make things more convenient and make difficult tasks like drawing up accounts etc. easier. Many household now have a computer and internet access, this means that people can keep in contact more easily over long distances and people in school and college can research for their assignments rather easily.

Computers And My Free-Time(mehru-Singapore)

Just like Henna, i do not have my own computer as well. However, among my family, we share one laptop and one desktop. Computers have become a need in most families here in Singapore. As for myself, i use the computers to complete my assignments, do up projects, check my e mail messages and to also chat with my friends. During my free time, i usually read other people's blog, chat with my friends, download songs and watch movies. In the current society, the computer has become more of a friend then a foe. Be it to access information, for entertainment and for doing work, computers are the friend most people turn to. Even for this project, i need the computer to post my ideas and also to get to know people from the supporting countries involved in this project too:)

Markus, fi

I don´t have my own computer either but we have one computer at home. I´m just like Henna because I don´t play computer games either. I listen music and do something in internet. Usually I watch my e-mail or I watch something in youtube. I don´t use computer very much only about one hour per day. I think that people don´t need to use computer so much. It´s not healthy. People need to go outside and for example play football. But that is only my opinion.

I share one laptop with my mom. Laptop is in my room and I often use it. I think that somethimes I use the computer too much. Usually I talk with my friends in messenger, check my e-mails and irc-galleria. I also listen to music, visit my "idols" websites and somethimes I watch video clips in youtube like Henna and Markus do.
Somethimes I have the computer open whole day even though I do everything else. That is bad habit. I like as well for watching dvd with computer. I have my own bank account in internet so I visit in site almost every day.