GROUP 1B - Mobile phones and your free-time

Im zhiyong from Millennia Institute from Singapore. Alright, my general opinions are that handphones have become a basic need for us in life. However, i agree as well that handphones functions have become quite confisticated, hard to use and some that are unnecessary for some age groups, teenagers,working people and senior citizens. Some of these functions include the GPRS. The basic function of the handphones itself are for communication purposes, which is available to us through the calls and short-message-system(SMS). The general purpose of the other functions are for entertainment in my opinion, games, camera, music. Today, technology has stretched the ability of a handphone further than what we have forseen, nevertheless handphones are in favour for our own convenience allowing us to reach anyone through a phonecall. Mostly its during our free time that we use our handphones for entertainment purposes. So in all, handphones still play an important role in our daily life.

I'm Ida from Kaarina Senior High School in Finland. I have to confess that I don't really like mobile phones. I think that today's mobile phones are too difficult to use and they are trash actually. I think no one would really need any. Today's mobile phones are more like a fashion phenomenon than something we would really need.
I'm using two mobile phones. I wouldn't maybe need both of them but I'm not actually a real genius with electronic. I can't use an alarm clock of one mobile phone so I've the other phone as an alarm clock and that other one is only an ornament because there's nothing I could say in the next day at school to my friends. My bills are usually quite small.
I think that mobile phones have lost their primary meaning. Different games, radio, camera and other trash has killed the primary meaning of mobile phones. Mobile phone is not made for playing games or taking pictures or listening to the radio. We should call and send textmessages if we have something to say to someone. Today's mobile phones are more like a joke than something we would really need don't you think?

Hi Cathy and Alison here, we’re from Ireland and we’re in the group that is discussing mobile phones and your free time.
Cathy: I have a skype phone this means I can ring people who have skype all over the world for free. I use my phone for texting, ringing people, listening to music, taking pictures, going on the Internet. I use my phone a lot.
Alison: I have a Nokia phone. I only use this phone for texting people and also ringing people. This is just about as much as my phone can do. It annoys me sometimes but I’m not really into much on my phone because I have an mp3 player to listen to music and a camera to take pictures, so it doesn’t really bother me.

Hello, Farzana here, and im from Singapore. Regarding the topic we are doing, i personally find that having mobile phones really helps you to communicate with people with the touch of a button. Moreover, it save time and people like me, i prefer texting than calling. So in a day, i will usually text around 100 messages. I use my mobile phone as my alarm clock. Right now, im using Nokia MusicExpress phone. I only use this phone to text and also to call people. Taking pictures using camera is a norm thing. However, im still not satisfied with the mobile phone i'm currently using. I would like to try IPhone or any touch screen phones. I find these gadgets more interesting and the functions are better and more than the functions that a normal mobile phone has. I don't mind paying more for this phone. If you can afford, why not right? I got to admit that, mobile phone now is also treated as fashion accesories. I would change my phone every year so as to keep in track with the latest phones that are on the market. To me, without mobile phones, life will be boring. Like as if you can't get connected with people. So to me, mobile phone is very very very important!!

Mobile phones are critical devices for teachers and professionals in Singapore. Even in our free time, Singaporeans can't do without our moble phones: we are either busy checking our latest sms or plugging in to watch a downloaded videoclip. Most likely, teenagers will upload their music in their mobiles and they will serve as jukeboxes for pleasure. More Singaporeans are using Blackberry where they can check emails realt-time while traveling on the roads. Most mobile phones now can also be used to do PPT slides and videos. Some students are using these functions as well.

In South Korea, mobile phones with licensed telcos plans can watch TV and Satellite channels on the move. For the Japanese, the youths are hooked to read novels that are sent via the telcos in sms-es. This is catching up like wildfire in Tokyo and other major cities. In Singapore, the trend of 'moblogging' is rather lukewarm as it is rather expensive to do so.

Mobile phones are indeed powerful agents of communications and work. It can be a personal companion to perform many tasks in a very short time. These viable functions suit our fast-paced and hectic Singaporean lifestyles.

Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore

Hello I´m Markus from Kaarina Senior High School in Finland. I agree with Ida that mobile phones are joke. We don´t need cameras and other stuff in our mobile phones. We only need to call and send textmessages. I have a mobile phone and it is regular phone without camera and other things and I´m very glad that I don´t have. Those special mobile phones are too expensive too so i can´t understand why people want to buy them.

Mobile phones are very important for us nowadays. I think mobile phones are for sending messages and calling. I agree Ida that mobile phones have lost their meaning. couple years ago mobile phones were big and heavy and people could only call and send messages with them. That was enough. But now you can do almost everything with your tiny phone, for examble take pictures, listen to music.. And people pay hundreds and hundreds euros for them. I have very ordinary phone without camera and other functions.That is enough for me. I Think that using mobile phone many hours at day is whaste of time.