GROUP 1A: Technology in your free-time

We use lots of technology in our free time. We use our computers nearly everyday just because we can, we have lots of websites just for people our age like Bebo, MSN etc.
It is very uncommon to meet some one now that hasn't got a mobile phone, this shows just how much we use technology even when we don't need to. We pick up our phones and text our friends just out of boredom. We do the same thing when we go on the computer because we are bored.
We sit at home on a rainy day and listen to our music. We turn on the radio or put our earphones in our ears and turn on our ipods. Or we watch the television, which is a big use of technology in our free time. With the availability of dvds and dvd players we can have more fun in our free time with technology.
Bebo is one of the biggest things we use in our free time that has to do with technology. It is a website that nearly everyone is a member of. You can talk with your friends and meet new friends from all over the world. It’s the same as other websites like myspace, where you can put up pictures and have your favourite music on your personal homepage which people can view.

Lyndsey & Emma ie

with new developments in technology in the past few years, a wide array of gadgets are available for our use today. almost everybody in singapore has a mobile phone. you are considered "weird" if you do not have a mobile phone. this is different from our parents' time, where it is difficult to find a telephone in ONE household.
Also, people nowadays are expected to own at least one computer, with internet access. demands from school and work make it difficult for a person who does not own a computer with internet access. handwritten notes or letters are often considered sloppy and unprofessional, and are usually not accepted.

I do agree that technology in the 21C can be addictive especially if you understand the social impact and dynamcs of it. Technology is neutral but we make it less so by using it to know new friends, gather new information online and to express our thoughts everyday online. It is the socio-cultural dimension of technology that rocks our world. So, the very next time you check out your FACEBOOK, google information and blog on wordpress, you are not just using technology but essentially making an impact in the world we live in.
-Mr. Kelvin Yew, MI/Singapore

I use lots of technology in my freetime too because when you are at home there is nothing else to do than watch tv or do something with computer. That is weird because when our parents were teenagers they didn´t have computers, tv or anything else. However they didn´t feel bored. Nowadays we can´t live without technology and I can´t understand why.
Markus, Finland

Like everyone have said technology is nowadays a big part of our lives. We don`t send letters to our friends anymore because sending textmessages and talking in msn is much easier. When our parents were young they hadn`t got cellphones or computers and they didn`t even know about them. They had their own ways to keep touch and spend time. But now the world is differend and people has also changed. Technology is an important thing for everybody. Like Yati said it`s important that people can handle computers. There are many work were people have to use computers, also in schools. Yang people use technology in freetime more than adults and that is understandable.